Adelaide Zoo

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Showpony approached us to produce 3x30 second TVC's for the Adelaide and Monarto Zoos. These were filmed over two days in March 2014. We had a good time working with both the kids and the animals. Don't believe all you are told about that combination.

Shot and edited by Randy Larcombe with Showpony

Additional cameras Parris Mesidis and Mike Smith

ASC - A Place to be

this is the place to be, if you want to work, this is the place to be

To assist with their recruitment strategy, ASC approached us to help tell the story of why ASC is a great place to work. We thought the best way to to do this was to talk to 5 employees (with a view to using 3) and simply ask them why they liked working there. In the end we used all 5 people and what they said, completely unscripted was quite compelling. This was filmed over 2 1/2 very hot days in November, 2013.


Concept, direction, cameras and editing by Randy Larcombe

Produced by Suzi Ting

2nd camera, camera assistant, time lapse and audio, Mark Dohring

Audio mix by Best FX

Titles by Marco Cicchianni, Cul-de-Sac



Bolder TM Wines

if you aint got a good wife, it’s ratshit....

Tony Mangan of BolderTM Wines give his views on wine, wife and what constitutes a good life in a refreshing and very different film about making wine.


Concept, direction, cameras and editing by Randy Larcombe

2nd camera, camera assistant and audio, Mark Dohring

Titles by Suzi Ting



Kids, Crabs and the Best Day Ever

people are not like, too worried about their jobs

South Australian Tourism Commission have asked local filmmakers to give their take on a favourite spot in SA. I was born and raised on Yorke Peninsula and Black Point is a lovely beach on the east side of the peninsula known for it’s holiday shacks, crabbing and calm beach. It was a place I frequented many times in my youth so I thought it might be fun to hire a shack and take my own kids there along with some friends. My idea was pretty simple, shoot the kids having a good time and then let them retell the story over the phone and skype to their grandparents. Kids come out with some great lines and I am sure the words “people are not like, too worried about their jobs so they don’t get phone calls and stuff” would hit home to a lot of parents as we race from one thing to the next.

Also, kids don’t really need much to keep them happy, it’s the simple pleasures that give them joy like “going for long walks on the beach, playing beach cricket, playing in the sand…..yeah!” and who doesn’t love “pee-ing in the water”?

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Randy Larcombe

Additional footage Estelle Chapple and the Kids

Production and Titles by Suzi Ting

Burnside Village

Burnside Village, where fashion lives...

Burnside Village TVC shot for Cul-de-Sac


Creative Director – Marco Cicchianni
Executive Producer / Stylist – Deni Jones

DOP – Randy Larcombe
Composer – Justin Pounsett
Line Producer – Estelle Chapple
Hair & Make-up – Dale Dorning
Talent – Megan Irwin (Pride Models)
Talent – Remi Matters

Gaffer-Andy Robertson

Camera assistant/grip-Mark Dohring

Editing -Richard Coburn/Kojo

Colour grading-Mark McKenna/Kojo

Clarendon Hills

wine has a story to tell, it has a memory and it will tell you where it’s come from...

"In 1990, Roman Bratasiuk embarked on a truly remarkable wine making journey. His vision: to create single vineyard wines equal to anything in the world.  Working with old, dry-grown vines and performing every step of the process by hand, Roman sought to redefine the Australian fine wine landscape by solely conveying the imprint a vineyard forges on the varietal expression."

This is the Clarendon Hills story told through Roman's son, Alex.

Directed, filmed and edited by Randy Larcombe, with Louise Radman.



Yalumba Viognier - The Cook, the Winemaker and the perfect match


"I do struggle to find a wine that goes with Asian food because I find the flavours tend to clash.."

Cook, Poh Ling Yeow and head winemaker at Yalumba, Louisa Rose talk about what wine is the best match for Asian food.

Conceived, filmed, directed and edited by Randy Larcombe and Suzi Ting, with Fullers.

Production, styling and food preparation by Suzi Ting

Working with Chocolate

"that's a good thing you are doing with your life"

The Haighs family business have been hand making chocolates in Adelaide since 1915. It's a business that cares just as much about it's people as it does about it's product and the people who work there display a tremendous pride in their work.

Directed, filmed and edited by Randy Larcombe




Spectra Training is a training provider with it's head office in Melbourne. Managing Director, Gary Cobbledick explains how they differ from other training providers and what motivates him personally.

Directed, filmed and edited by Randy Larcombe with BMD Brands


BMD Brands

if you can do it all in words, then you can just forget about everything, go and be free and create because you’re only going down a certain path

Brenton and Ben Murray of  BMD Brands talk about the design process and how they work together in a successful family business.

Directed, filmed and edited by Randy Larcombe with BMD Brands



Gotye - Making Mirrors

Gotye, the first Australian musician to top the US Billboard charts in over a decade, reconnects with internationally recognised artist Emma Hack to create a work for the Art Series Hotel Charity Auction at ART Melbourne 2012. They discuss the concept of collaboration, creativity, exploration of ideas, and the commonalities found in their creations.


Soundtrack "Two Mirrors" by Gotye

GEAR: All shot on 2 Canon 5dm3 at 50fps, Rode Videomic, Zoom h4n, edited in FCPX Shot with Canon 24mm 1.4,
50mm 1.2, 85mm 1.2 lenses 100mm macro and 70-200 lenses.


The Valiant

This project is close to my heart as it's about my parents, Nick and Merna Larcombe and Dad's beloved 1974 Valiant ute. I had a ball shooting this over the Easter break of 2012. Thanks for watching, Randy.



"Stars over the Prairie" by Angela Easterling

GEAR: Canon 5dm2, Wally Dolly from Picture Hire Australia, Rode Videomic, Zoom h4n, edited in FCPX

All shot in available light with Canon 24mm 1.4, 50mm 1.2, 85mm 1.2 lenses. Opening shot was on a 90mm Tilt shift.

Adrian Potter

You start with mistakes and you make mistakes and the first one always ends up in the firewood bin.

Adrian Potter gives us an insight into the creative process and how he comes to create his thoughtful furniture pieces.

Randy first met Adrian on a photo shoot for a magazine story and was blown away by the beauty and precision of his furniture but almost equally blown away with his collection of vintage Gibson guitar amps dating from the 1930's. Ever since then we've wanted to go back and tell his story.


Soundtrack by Adrian Potter
"Frida: Día de los Muertos" images by Grant Hancock

GEAR: Canon 5dm2, Glidecam 4000hd, Rode Videomic, Zoom h4n, Phillip Bloom pocket dolly, edited in FCPX

All shot in available light at around 1600 iso with Canon 24mm 1.4, 50mm 1.2, 85mm 1.2 lenses.


Collect Magazine

Filmtraits chose Collect magazine as our latest project because we love the magazine, it's content and design but also it is a celebration of the people and places in your community. Collect is a small independently published magazine which came about through a collaboration between freelance journalists, photographers and designers from Adelaide, South Australia. It talks about the world and the local neighbourhood, it's a big ask but they get the balance right. This publishing team fits very much with our philosophy of telling stories about "persons of interest". Collect magazine can be found at independent 'corner stores' around Adelaide but also in like minded stores around the world. Editor in Chief of Monocle magazine, Tyler Brûlé, discovered Collect in the 'Papercut' store in Stockholm, he liked what he saw, and it's now stocked in Monocle stores worldwide.

Filmtraits would like to thank Joshua Fanning, Adam Johnson, Farrin Foster and Sven Kovac of Collect for their assistance. We would also like to thank all the businesses who helped with making this film including, Coffee Branch, Express Colour, Hawker Street Cafe, One Small Room, Red Door Bakery, Soto's Fish Shop, The Corner Store on Semaphore, The Stranded Store and Three Card Trick.

MUSIC: "Lullaby" by Brendan J Boyd off the Album 'Montage' and "Old School Vans (instrumental)" by Robb Coxford

GEAR: Canon 5dm2, Glidecam 4000hd, Rode Videomic, Zoom h4n, edited in FCPX with colour grading with Magic Bullet Mojo



Beneath the Square Mile

Beneath the Square Mile is an exhibition of photographs of some of the electricity substations around the city square mile of Adelaide.

AP Bond Gallery, 139 Magill Road, Stepney 
6th October-27th October, 2011


GEAR: Canon 5Dm2, Wally Dolly, FCPX, all shot with available light

MUSIC: Brendan J Boyd, Album - Montage (music for a quiet place) Track -Sunrise,

Jeff Crockford and Kym Newbold

Atkins Technicolour


The Boxing Room


GEAR: Canon 5Dm2, Canon 1dM4, Wally Dolly, FCPX, Rode Video Mic with Zoom H4n

Slow motion sequences shot on 1dM4 at 50fps

Music - "Hallon" by Christian Bjoerklund

Special thanks to Elle Crawford, Owner/Trainer and Grace Tohl, Assistant Manager/Trainer, James and Kelly at The Boxing Room